0-100km/h in 5.4seconds 

It was a bright sunny Monday afternoon when I met one the owners of this super grand saloon Jaguar XJ LWB at Sam Levy’s Village. I was very delighted and excited that I was going to do a full test drive of this super cat. The body and rims were looking shiny reflecting the sun’s rays.

The new generation Jaguar XJ was unveiled in 2009 at the Saatchi gallery in London. It received a great round of applause by celebrity and motoring icon Jay Leno, who publicized this super cat. Upon its late 2010 debut in Zimbabwe, many regarded it as an executive status saloon aiming to aggressively tackle the German Mercedes and BMW.

The Jaguar XJ front has the same characteristics of a hostile sea shark from Finding Nemo. It looks like it was given to an emotionally charged Italian designer, to tailor make the front and smartly aligned the L.E.D lights to give it that heart felt ambience. Furthermore it has this long-nose that is complimented by the large front grille that certainly describes its namesake, the Jaguar. I guess Chrysler 300C now has a competitive partner on the largest front grille. As it was parked by Mekka’s Restaurant, I walked around to do a full beauty check and noticed it had that classical fashionable rear. However the rear looked slightly edgy but my eyes were quickly attracted by the Cat’s Claws taillights. The rear of the Jaguar was a great innovative design though passengers in the back would say the roof is too slanted. Honestly speaking the Jaguar was getting more attention than the BMW 745li which was parked beside it, this shows Jaguar did unquestionably well on the blue-print. Evidently in Zimbabwe the Jaguar is arguably going to be the top executive status car as Mercedes is slowly losing its status.

When I say executive status, it is a car which has great presence whenever you arrive at a public place. The Jaguar will introduce you to people before you disembark out of the car. This is one animal which has been turned into a beautiful, sexy and aggressive machine

When I entered the Jaguar XJ I slowly glanced at the black leather seats and classically designed dashboard. The interior left me looking like Mr Bean, stunned in amazement at the quality. The seats were undeniably conceived with passion; they were nicely stitched. On the doors you get speakers that are cereal bowl sized. Inside the Jag I got to feel the soft leather steering which had a lot of buttons I didn’t have time to understand and a very shiny Jaguar emblem on the middle. One thing I did not really like was the rear it feels like the people in the back will be squashed up cause of the slanting roof. Nonetheless it has enough leg room to probably fit LeBron James.

As I inserted the key, the Jag gave me a blue colored ambience, it felt like I was in a space ship and when the ‘J’ gate popped up it was like looking at a hot victoria secret model pass you by.It has classic dials and beautiful silver linings on its climate control apparatus, which are almost similar to the Aston Martin interior design.

As I drove off into Borrowdale road, both the throttle and transmission response, at my every step was thrillingly on time and precise.  While I was enjoying the ride with both hands on the wheel I took frequent glances at the touch screen LCD and enjoyed the crispy clear audio system.

The Jag XJ had a Bowers and Wilkins 1200watt 20 speaker, 7.1 Surround Sound system. Oh my word I can now breathe after saying all that. I couldn’t drive listening to noisy music but classical hits such as UB40 Can’t stop falling in love and Kingston Town.

While enjoying the classic music I decided to take it to the hilly, curvy and narrow Crowhil Road. It responded well to my every turn and increase in speed. The ride comfort was pretty good, and whenever I stepped on the throttle the revs increased promptly and it sounded like a snoring bear.It made unconditional love to the road, though I couldn’t go beyond 85km/h. It was unarguably a sensational short test drive.

Under the hood was a violent monstrous 5 liter V8 engine offering close to 380bhp and 0-100km/h in 5.4 seconds. It has enough power to lift up a girl’s skirt by Pomona traffic lights. It has that face ripping feeling when you enter a curve doing 70km/h. Unfortunately in Harare we do not have a good  enough roads to do a performance test but all I can say it can certainly give your wife a pleasurable and comfortable journey, while the kids enjoy the gadgets in the rear.

So what does the Benz and BMW fans have to say about this? Are they losing executive status, with the emergence of Lexus and Jaguar on to the scene? Is it going to take time for Jag to be adopted by rich people in Zimbabwe?

By TANAKA KUTAMA of Zimtorque

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  1. tanaka i didn’t know u dis serious wiv cars.. Liked d words u wr using. N d interior wiv how u wr describing it.. Excluding d slant back part.. Post abt an Aston Martin pls

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