Z Meet – Feb ’13

dsc00463Sam Levy’s Village was the meeting place last month for the Z Club’s meet. It was a gloriously sunny day and has been the norm so far turn out was as good as it could be. Not to make the Z sound like a horribly unreliable (see also tempermental) ’90’s sports car; but between other commitments and cars off the road turn out was only about 50% of the full compliment. That said it was still a good time to meet up with mates and discuss all things Z.


Being a Saturday afternoon, most of the shops had closed and the parking area was pretty empty and allowed us to set up for an obligatory group photo. It was a pretty warm day too so while we waited for the rest of the guys to arrive we had some iced coffees from the nearby coffee shop.dsc00467

I have a really weird relationship with the 350Z, i love it in this colour and these wheels but when it first came out i didn’t really like it at all. There was something way too Audi TT about it for me and the lack of turbo(s) sorta put me off it.dsc00465

Given some time and maturity though i’ve grown to like it, especially some of the more subtle bodykits and customisation i’ve seen overseas. Be that as it may if i had the choice to upgrade, i’d skip this one and head right to the 370Z.dsc00466

Gotta say though just being around the 350Z did give me tingles. Still feel the 300ZX cockpit is a nicer place to be but this is by no means shabby. If it wasn’t for the fact that leather gets unpleasantly hot in the sun i’d really consider getting one in my Z.

dsc00464There wasn’t much foot traffic this late in the afternoon, but when there was they couldn’t help take a look at the line of Nissans

dsc00461Unfortunately inbetween taking pics and sipping on my iced coffee i didn’t manage to get a closer look at the 600HP R32 that visited before he had to leave, hopefully next time.

Z's FrontI‘ll end today’s post with two pictures(above & below)  from last year’s meet. The Aqua blue Z, with the 350Z wheels next to mine is actually up for sale now.Z's Rear

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