Dat Ass! & my Shop(ping) “problem”


I’m sure as car people we’ve all had that moment when we see the rear end of *insert car model here* and you just kinda bite your lip… It’s a weird and wonderful thing that something assembled in a cold factory can stir up those sorta feelings in a human; not that i condone non-consensual mechaphilia. Lol, that said here are a few Tee’s i’ve designed of some of my favourite rear ends.

Open All the Stores!
I’ve been trying out a few online fullfilment options and have been having pretty good success with them all. That said i think four is bordering on obsession, but i feel it gives you guys options on where you want to get Tees and stuff. I’ve made an effort to try keep they prices level across all the stores but things like T-shirt stock and shipping prices will vary etc; so please feel free to use your favourite (links below).

And finally, because i had various stores i’d decided not to add one to this blog but i’ve found a solution i’m happy with and works well; under the Shop tab, you’ll find all my spreadshirt listed products.

Dat Ass Tees Links:






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