The Unexpected Project Car

In my last update in January, i’d gone through the annoyance of having my cheapy head gasket blow on me whilst at the track. Unfortunately this was only the tip of the iceberg and what i thought would be a ‘simple’ HG replacement turned out to be a lot worse…or rather time consuming.

The HG in itself is a pain because of the nature of the VG so an engine pull is the easiest way of getting it done…not that you can’t do it in the bay. You just wouldn’t want to.

Once the motor was apart and in pieces it was time to have a look at everything and check that things were otherwise running well…they were not. The bearing that had been ok a couple years ago now had some scratches and worse one or two had worn through the coatings so may as well replace those.

Being the optimistic guy that i was i’d already ordered new rings and gaskets just to re-freshen up the motor but once we pulled the pistons we found that the bores had scores in them…the sort that wouldn’t simply be taken out by a light honing. *sigh*

Off went the crank, bearings and block to get sorted out…spose this is a good excuse to get some forged pistons :D. Oh right, i forgot to mention that the neck of my 25yr old radiator decided to snap *double sigh*.

Despite the mild (see: infuriating)  annoyance of all this going on; i do love this ‘stupid’ car and i can’t really get mad about 25yr old parts wearing out or breaking…I’ve decided to really take the time and make her mine; so along with doing all sorts of repairs to get the reliability back up; i figured i’d also start on the small looks changes whilst i wait to get everything together. #engineBayGoalsBelow

First off was the plenum polish…i understand now why people pay OTHER people to do this…it’s a real pain in the ass  fingers but there is a nice sense of accomplishment when it starts to feel smooth and glisten in the sunlight.

Along with that was painting a few bits and bobs around the engine bay; this unfortunately won’t all be finished at once but it’ll be nice to have it colour coded and having a bit of wow factor when the hood is opened.

So for now that’s all that’s happening, slow and steady march to making her the best she can be, before even attempting to fall down the rabbit hole that is performance. Hopefully soon though, the rebuild will get under way and then things will get really exciting!


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